Friday, July 17, 2015

Useful Links & Random Blatherings

I am still continuing my pursuit of my bachelor's degree. I have three classes through BYU Independent Study, including British sources, paleography, and Historian's Craft. I am trying to gain every bit of knowledge that I can from these classes. Ultimately, I end up rereading my notes and learning more each time.

I am finally starting to grasp the concept of a research plan and a research report. I have started to write a compiled lineage as I work, adding appropriately formatted sources at the bottom (Whoa!). Working this way has made my research more direct and thorough. I found a blog that explains research plans in many ways:

My two current research projects are the Barnes family in Cheshire, England and the Binley family in Holmes County, Ohio.

I am currently super distracted as I attempt to work on classes. I did a lot of research while I was in Utah in June, and I am delaying typing up my research logs & writing research reports. My laptop is a 17' functional dinosaur. It works but it is way to bulky & weighty to carry around. Hopefully, I can find a  reasonably priced, smaller version before my next outing. I tried just using the ipad but it was not good for anything beyond transcribing short texts.

I felt compelled to research a friend's family after seeing a pedigree from 1991 in circulation on my desk several times throughout the last month. I tried back in the day but did not have enough knowledge about British records. I was able to discern relationships and find data to reinforce the feelings. 

I strongly believe that life continues beyond the grave, and once we begin the great work of gathering the dead, we are given heavenly help to find those who wish to be found.

Happy searching!

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